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The following is a sample grammar.


This directive is used to enclose a group of productions. Each production is given on a single line and consists of a name, separated by a colon from the following definition. If the definition spans multiple lines, each continuation line must begin with a colon placed at the same column in the first line.

Blank lines are not allowed within productionlist directive arguments.

The following is an example taken from the Python Reference Manual.

try_stmt  ::=  try1_stmt | try2_stmt
try1_stmt ::=  "try" ":" suite
               ("except" [expression ["," target]] ":" suite)+
               ["else" ":" suite]
               ["finally" ":" suite]
try2_stmt ::=  "try" ":" suite
               "finally" ":" suite

This is plain text.

enumerate(sequence[, start=0])

Return an iterator that yields tuples of an index and an item of the “sequence”. (And so on.)

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